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about e-course

About e-course

The final product – e-learning course on “e-Learning design and course moderation” consists of 10 modules that cover around 60h of learning. The course is based on social constructivism approach, stimulates self-direction of the independent learners and supports gaining experience from real practice. Assignments are designed to stimulate reflection and conscious development of a learner in a peer group. Activities are short and interactive but they also comply with accessibility rules. Communication is crucial and it encompasses discussion board, chatting and videoconferencing.

Course is designed in Moodle VLE but it includes external tools (open and/or free – FLOSS), such as collaborative whiteboard, videoconference, group editing and co-working. Additionally there is a detailed course guide for moderators and learners’ guide. The course is very practical and proved useful (according to 7 evaluation questionnaires). Participants are encouraged to interact within the group and create meaningful and relevant artifacts.

  • Module 1: Introduction and warming-up (5h)
  • Module 2: On reflection (7h)
  • Module 3: Exploring various e-learning forms (5h)
  • Module 4: Designing learning outcomes (3h)
  • Module 5: Designing e-learning activities (10h)
  • Module 6: Designing resources (3h)
  • Module 7: Motivation (5 h)
  • Module 8: Group work (10 h)
  • Module 9: Moderating on-line learning (7h)
  • Module 10: Moderator’s competence and summing-up

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